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If you are in interested in booking “The Paranormal Couple” to speak either virtually (Zoom) or in person at your Library, College, or Event, you have come to the right place! Due to the overwhelming interest in the idea of haunted objects and the paranormal itself, Cody & Satori’s presentations have become extremely well received by the public. Below is a description of the presentations that “The Paranormal Couple” is offering for 2021.
“Without reservation, I would recommend Cody and Satori's "When Objects Talk Back" program. They kept the audience fully engaged for the hour with a wonderful multimedia presentation full of photos, videos and personal stories, then took questions from the audience. They drew a large crowd and received rave reviews from the audience. Cody and Satori were prepared, professional, and knowledgeable on the subject matter. They were a pleasure to work with. I would book them again.” Robert L. Hayes Community Outreach Librarian & Head of Technical Services Tewksbury Public Library
A look into Haunted Objects and Paranormal Research  When Objects Talk Back: When Objects Talk Back:
Join “The Paranormal Couple” Cody Ray DesBiens & Satori Hawes from Travel Channel’s “Ghost Nation” as the dive deep into the phenomena of Haunted Objects! As the curators of “The Paranormal Couple’s Haunted Museum of Objects, Oddities, and Curiosities: The Traveling Exhibition”, both Satori and Cody have built up quite the collection of creepy oddities and haunted objects. During this presentation you will explore the origins of haunted artifacts, have the chance to see some of the alleged haunted objects that have been recovered by Cody & Satori during their actual paranormal investigations, and hear the creepy yet intriguing stories that accompany each item. The average lecture consists of a 60-75 minute long audio/visual presentation, with a question and answer segment at the end. The entire evening lasts approximately 90 minutes. Please email for pricing.
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"Our library hosted a Zoom presentation by Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes of "The Paranormal Couple" recently, which provided a truly fascinating, insightful window into the world of haunted objects for our patrons in an accessible, friendly, and easygoing presentation.  They gave the history of spirits occupying objects over the years and through different regions of the world, and grounded it with specific stories and anecdotes about well known phenomena as well as personal experiences of objects they had in their collection.  The highlight was the display of these objects directly to us on the webcam, an accounting of Cody and Satori's recent experience with them in their museum and on traveling exhibits, and their own undoctored night cam video of one of the objects' behavior.  They broadcast straight from the museum, the shelves behind them in the background filled with dolls, figurines, and other artifacts, and made running commentary on the realtime noises and movements the objects made, right as they spoke to us!  Our patrons found this program very interesting and were delighted to have had the chance to experience it; we even had someone tune in from California.  This was an unusual and unique experience that captured the interest and was well attended, even during a pandemic."  The Southwick Public Library, Southwick, Massachusetts